Winter essentials

It's been extremely cold the last few weeks in Vancouver, and it's only just begun. A few days ago we had a windstorm that caused power outage in about 50,000 households. I personally experience severe dry skin on my feet, legs, and hands. It could be from the insufficient amounts of water I drink but the cold is a huge factor. I would transit from and to work and arrive with hands so dry they actually ache. So what are some ways to battle some of the winter chills to keep your hands and feet nice and polished for the winter holidays? Here are some solutions.

1. Hand lotion
My favourite hand lotion is Herbacin Kamille found at your local drug stores. It's quick absorbent and is not too oily. It lasts pretty much most of the day depending on how often  you have to wash your hands. I just however, washing your hands often especially if you're in public places to avoid catching any flu viruses that might be going around.

2. Cuticle Oil
OPI's Cuticle Replenishing Oil is great to keep your cuticles hydrated throughout the day. A little goes a long way and until you use it really makes a difference in how your hands look! If you're too busy scrambling to finish all your Christmas shopping, forget putting on a polish, simply brush on some cuticle oil and you'll be good to go!

3. Gloves
Not only are gloves great for keeping your hands warm during the cold but they can also be used to seal in that hand cream you just applied on.  I recommend leather gloves with cashmere lining as they're durable, light weight, yet still warm enough to battle the cold.

4. Petroleum Jelly
Good 'ol petroleum jelly can be used for so many different things. It's great for removing eye makeup, lip balm, and also cracked feet. Even though our feet are more exposed during the summer, winter's dryness can also cause dry/cracked feet as well. A simple solution is to apply a thick lotion or petroleum jelly to the heels of your feet before you go to bed at night. To lock in the moisture, wear cotton socks that allow your feet breath. I also glob on a ton of petroleum jelly on my lips before bed as well. Best bang for your buck.

The list can go on with all the things you need for Winter but in terms of nice and hands and feet you'd be well prepared with these basic essentials. 

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