crackle market blow up

Since OPI's launch of the Katy Perry line which includes the infamous Black Shatter, the crackle polish market has blown up, almost overnight! Smaller companies have massively launched a variety of crackle polish taking a grasp on the fact the OPI's crackle polish only comes in black. The photos below are crackle polishes from companies such as CND and Mia Secret.

This shattering effect has become a hit because every nail is uniquely transformed by the cracking of the polish. I've tried the above brands and the consistency and shattering effect does not stand up to OPI's quality. 

There has been updates that OPI will be launching more coloured shatter polishes. This is just the beginning of the trend! 


For times when you don't know what your outfit will be for the next event or family dinner, the classic french manicure will never be a "wrong" choice. This simple yet elegant look will never fail to match your day-to-day activities to the most special occasions. Whenever bride-to-be get their nails done I always recommend a french manicure. It's simply to refrain from ever having the moment when you look back at those photos and "wish you did something different" or wonder, "what was I thinking?"

If you're someone who likes to be a little different, you can always dress up a class french manicure by changing the white to a different colour. Usually a bright, vibrant colour would be best. You can also add designs or even a glittery thin line at the top of the white line.

For this french manicure, I used two coats of OPI Alpine Snow with OPI Passion applied to the upper nail bed without going over the white.


crackle crack

Finally got my hands on the OPI Black Shatter polish... it seems the market for the crackle nail polishes has just exploded! Other nail companies have quickly launched their version of the crack effect nail polish to meet market demands. So if you're looking for this effect keep in mind that OPI isn't the only brand.

Currently I have OPI Black Shatter, white shatter, red shatter, and bright orange shatter from various brands.

I think companies have tried to launch these shatter polishes so quickly into the nail market that anything goes! Packaging and nail brand goes out the window as long as colour variety out beats leading nail supplier, OPI.

First I used a based coat on my alcohol clean nails. 

I've found that if you clean your nails well with either acetone or (rubbing) alcohol prior to putting any nail polishes on, the colour stays on longer. This is because your nails naturally have oil on them so without prepping them before hand, the polish chips off easier.

After the base coat, I applied a coat of OPI DS Extravagance. You can choose whatever base colour you like! Play around with it, this will change the end results.

Apply your shatter nail polish. In this case I used OPI Black Shatter. Finally, finish with a clear top coat and voila!

Normally after the polish dries, apply cuticle oil to your cuticles, NOT on your nails! This will help moisten dry cuticles from the alcohol.



OPI's latest Katy Perry Collection features the latest buzzed about nail polish, Black Shatter.

This collection includes five featured colours, Last Friday Night, Teenage Dream, The One The Got Away, Not Like the Movies, and the highlight of it all, Black Shatter. The effect created from this black polish is somewhat a cross between giraffe spots and shattered glass. It's definitely a quick way to add a little more spice to your routine solid colour! However, maybe not something you'd like to wear to an office environment.

Can't wait to get my hands on these!