Get your Mo on

This month is Movember - a movement dedicated to raising awareness for prostate cancer.For the month of November, thousands of men make effort to sport their best mustaches. So what can we ladies do to raise awareness? Last week my friend showed me this YouTube video on how to do Movember nails.

On Saturday I followed the exact same instructions and here are the results! I've gotten plenty of compliments on them and they're definitely a fun way to show your support. 

Step 1: Apply a pale pink base colour. I layered with two coats of Essie 'Yes we can, Pink!' and Essie 'Petal Pink'. 
Step 2: Create two large dots with a nail art dotting tools and two smaller ones on either sides of the nail.

Step 3: Use a thin nail art brush like these to draw the mustache by connecting the dots.
Step 4: Repeat for all 10 fingers.

What are you waiting for? Go get your Mo on!

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