spring fever

This is my first tutorial post. I tend to forget to take step-by-step photos as I get carried away with my work,  I'm quite the girly girl when it comes to creating new designs. Without secondary inspiration the nails always end up looking... pretty!
1. apply and glue on natural tips
cut and file the tips to make an even surface

2. apply acrylic colours desired (the sample above has two tones)
create 3D nail art with acrylic powders on the nail bed

3. seal the flower and coloured tips with clear acrylic powder
finish with UV gel

Two tone Young Nails acrylic colours with embedded 3D nail art completed with OPI Finishing Gel


go nude

I've been falling in love with all shade nude. It's neutral and feminine. Great shade if you don't have anything special planned for the week cause it matches everything!

Acrylic nails w/OPI Sandman & hand drawn nail art designs


into the blue

Feeling a under the weather lately? It's been either raining or simply really cold in Vancouver. Anything sparkly, glittery, and shiney will definitely upbring the mood.

Young Nails blue acrylic tips w/ OPI gel on top